On Monday 9th of August 2021,we started the day with an opening ceremony. Words of motivation and encouragement was given by the Director of Applied Science and Technology represented by Mr G.G Jinadu the Permanent Secretary, the Principal of Community High School Ido represented by Mr E.F Owoeye, Miss Doreen Anene and the likes. Immediately


On Sunday 8th of August 2021, we arrived at the STEM Belle Bootcamp around 4pm and we were warmly welcomed by the program director in person of Miss Doreen Anene and the program facilitators. We were divided into groups according to the colour of the school bag given to us, and we happened to be


We started our day with our already coupled robotic fan, all we needed was to program it using the application called SCRATCH before the fan can eventually start working. We carefully followed every procedures involve at this stage of coding because it’s actually this stage that will determine if the robot you coupled together will


Todays class was awesome .We began the section with the web design section we started the previous day. The section was actually educative because we were enlighten on how to edit our posts, add images to our post, add feature images which enable people understand the content of what they are about to read even

Our Web Design And Robotic Classes

Day2 Our first class was based on web design and robotics. Though we started of with web design and our facilitator were Mr Joseph Adewale and Miss Folashade Akinremi . They guided us on how to create a website and to change themes being used for beautifying purposes. They showed us many components in the

Our First Web Design Class

We actually learnt a lot on how to create a website in a peaceful and orderly manner. We designed our website beautifully, though we were not able to win any of the classwork due to network issues but it was fun and interactive. We had a great time as a team and we worked hand