Todays class was awesome .We began the section with the web design section we started the previous day. The section was actually educative because we were enlighten on how to edit our posts, add images to our post, add feature images which enable people understand the content of what they are about to read even before they eventually start reading.

The robotic class actually kicked off immediately after we concluded the web design class, our facilitator was Miss Victoria. She started the section by telling us the meaning of robot, advantages of robot, component of a robot and the three laws of robotics. A robot senses, thinks then act. We got a mini robotic package for learning and building robots. She actually said something very important to always remember and I quote ” All machines are not robot but all robot are machine”. The first exercise given to us was that we should build a mini fan with our robotic kit. which turns on automatically when there is heat and turns off when there is cold.

Another thing that stood out for us today was the section we had with Mrs Adedayo on Sexual Reproducive Health For Excelling Girls In STEMBelle. It was such an interactive section, she taught us a very interesting song and it goes thus ” Call—–Hello, How are you? Response—- Am good, am fine, am an excellent STEMBelle”. Our day today was such and amazing one and its full of fun.

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