We started our day with our already coupled robotic fan, all we needed was to program it using the application called SCRATCH before the fan can eventually start working.

We carefully followed every procedures involve at this stage of coding because it’s actually this stage that will determine if the robot you coupled together will work or not.

Immediately after the programing have been done then it will be downloaded into our Micro:bit. Immediately after the download is completed then it will be connected to our robot. Although the fan did not work immediately and it got us sad because other teams were shouting for joy due to the fact that theirs own have start working. Then we remembered a golden rule in science with states that ” Scientist never gives up”, then we started the coding afresh which helped us to later discover the little mistake that affected our work. Eventually, it rotated and we screamed out because we were over whelmed with joy.

Immediately after all the groups completed the first exercise given then we started the second exercise which was building a street light and programming it to work.

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