Our first class was based on web design and robotics. Though we started of with web design and our facilitator were Mr Joseph Adewale and Miss Folashade Akinremi . They guided us on how to create a website and to change themes being used for beautifying purposes. They showed us many components in the dash board and what they are used for, when to use them and how to use them. They were patient with us and never got angry when we make mistakes or never follow up with them. They had a really nice smile on their faces to enlighten us. We did a mini competition on first team to set a new theme but we could not win unfortunately because of the bad network that affected us badly. It was really fun and superb and we really appreciate them so much………..

Day 3

       Today’s section was very smooth and fun. We rounded up web design where we saw how to edit our posts, add images to our post to shed more light on what we are talking about, add featured images  to enable people understand what we are talking about even before it is read. The robotic  section began and our facilitator was Miss Victoria. She started of with meaning of robots, advantages of robot , component of a robot and the three laws of robotics. A robot senses, thinks then act. We got a mini robotic package for learning and building robots and this kit were left in the hands of our group leader. We coupled them together to make a fan which turns on automatically when there is heat and turns off when there is cold. This particular development helps to solve one of the problems associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


We began of with our already coupled robotic fan, all we needed was to program it using the application SCRATCH (an application for programming) for it to rotate. We followed the instructions carefully, laid down a set of rules then downloaded them into our micro:bit . when we plugged it into our robot, it did not rotate for a while and it got us sad because other teams were shouting due to the fact that theirs rotated but not everybody’s own rotated. Eventually, it rotated and we screamed out of happiness and our marks were put down. We then programmed the temperature to show when a button is pressed, first it did not rotate any longer then finally it did. We went on to building a street light and programming it but nobody’s own showed light so we were asked to leave it for now, we hope to see it work though. We were asked minor questions to get marks and we were also asked why we picked that particular answer. Though today was fun but it was a little bit stressful.

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